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It's important to categorise your request correctly so that we can provide the best service. If your request is for Cavewire to develop a change for your Cavewire system, clearly plan your request and submit all the details accordingly. If your feature request is for the Cavewire community, you can publish it in the community section.

Why is Cavewire not building the feature I want? Take a look at our community article for more information: Managing feature requests.

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To see the status of your surfboard, log into your Boardcave account and go to "Track My Surfboard". If you would still like to enquire, add your order number here.

We want to get the perfect board under your feet. Before enquiring, use the Volume Calculator in the top menu so we can quickly view your details.

What aspect of the Cavewire system do you need help with?

If you have a technical issue with the Cavewire system, please ensure the request includes relevant information such as: the action you were trying to perform, expected vs. actual results and screenshots

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